Please note that the original color tones of the wood/furniture may vary due to different lighting conditions
when photographing and due to different monitor settings!


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Louis Seize Chest of Drawers around 1780


Walnut, mahogany and other woods veneered and marquetry. Three-bay chest of drawers on tapering feet, richly decorated with rhomboid marquetry and ribbon inlays, parquetry sides, bronze fittings in the braid style.

Still unrestored, in very good condition!

Provenance : From Thuringian aristocratic property. Restitution property with inventory number of the Altenburg Residential Palace, formerly part of the collection of the von der Gabelentz family at Poschwitz Castle. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schloss_Poschwitz

Height: 92 cm
Width: 123 cm
Depth: 62 cm.
Item no.: 2491

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Biedermeier Top Furniture Vienna around 1815

Rare piece of top-mounted furniture from the early Biedermeier period, probably Vienna, cherry veneer on an oak body, continuous veneer pattern, semi-sculpted columns, original gallery at the top and sides, front sectioned with brass profiles, fire-gilt fittings. Overall an elegant, representative and well-proportioned piece of courtly furniture.

Height: 173 cm
Width: 118 cm
Depth: 60 cm
Item no.: 2489


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Biedermeier Chest of Drawers Mainz around 1820


Walnut veneered, 4 drawers, the second drawer has a pointed gable, panel edge set off, very beautiful veneer pattern and appearance.

Height: 97 cm
Width: 110 cm
Depth: 56 cm
Item no.: 2490

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Fine Louis Seize Chiffonier around 1770

Rosewood and rosewood veneered on oak, drawers edged with fillets inlaid with various precious woods, 6 drawers,
Original fittings and locks, light marble top,
Restored and hand polished with shellac.

Paris around 1770

Height: 146 cm
Width: 94 cm
Depth: 36 cm
Item no.: 2488

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Lyra Chest of Drawers

Early Lyra Chest of Drawers, a creation of German provenance from the late Napoleonic period around 1810.
The design of the delicate chest of drawers in mahogany appears reduced to the bare essentials, but is characterized by exquisite craftsmanship: The drawers are counter-veneered with mahogany on the inside. The elegance of the furniture design and the workmanship suggest a courtly provenance and creation around 1810.
According to one tradition, it is a chest of drawers from the former Mecklenburg estate (Duke Karl zu Mecklenburg (Strelitz), probably from Hohenzieritz Castle.

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Art Deco Console Cabinet 1925


Art Deco Console Cabinet ca. 1925
Semicircular console cabinet, mahogany veneered, 2-door with 2 drawers, the drawer fronts with high-quality figural inlays.
A very beautiful, harmonious piece of furniture!
probably Austria around 1925
Height: 90 cm
Width: 101 cm
Depth: 51 cm
item no.: 2487

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Louis XVl Dresser by C. HOPFENGÄRTNER, Bern, around 1780


Louis Seize, ( Christoph Hopfengärtner, 1758 Bern 1843) c. 1780, cherry wood, maple, burl wood, marble top.
Two-bay body on conical legs. Veneered on three sides with wide contrasting band inlay. Restored and shellac polished by hand.

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Height: 82 cm
Width: 80 cm
Depth: 48 cm
Item no.: 2483

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Small Empire chest of drawers cherry wood


Small Empire chester, cherry veneered, body bordered by caryatids and flat pilasters.

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Dimensions and price on request
Item no.: 2484

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Biedermeier chest of drawers 1820


walnut veneered, South Germany, 3 drawers, original fittings and locks, very nice mirrored veneer pattern and strict form, characteristic for the early emergence of the Biedermeier era.
Very good unrestored condition!

Height: 88 cm
Width: 116 cm
Depth: 59 cm
Item no.: 2486

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Biedermeier console around 1820


Light cherry veneer, South German around 1820
Delicate crescent-shaped wall table on 3 elegantly curved legs, with plinth.

Height: 82 cm  
Width: 71.5 cm
Depth: 36 cm
Item no.: 5067

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Empire ConsoleTable with mirror 1800 - 1810


Console table from the Empire period around 1800-1810 with a fully carved eagle supporting the white marble top.
A matching original mirror with Empire decoration and depiction of an eagle.
The eagle console and the mirror are originally gilded and very finely crafted, come from a Scandinavian castle estate and are in their original condition.

Height: 82 cm
Width: 82 cm
Depth: 44 cm

Height: 154 cm
Width: 60 cm

Item no.: 4005

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Console Table with cornucopia supports

probably Peter Schmuckert (Mannheim 1765-1841), 1st third of the 19th century; walnut veneered, curved sawn-out base on pressed baluster feet, the front legs in the form of carved cornucopias with fruit bouquets, the back wall with lateral volutes, 1 lockable drawer, frame with rounded corners, the top with quadruple mirrored veneer and double-lipped edge

Height: 84 cm
Width: 90 cm
Depth: 45 cm.
Item no.: 2482


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Baroque Chest Of Drawers 1750

Very rare Baroque chester from around 1750, walnut veneered, three-tier body with curved front
The drawers are inlaid with floral decoration (very beautiful and rare!)
Original fittings, locks and keys.
Restored and shellac matted.

Height: 83 cm
Width: 102 cm
Depth: 54 cm
Item no.: 2481

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Biedermeier - Walnut Console

Biedermeier Console, walnut veneered on hardwood, with caryatids and one drawer, Southern Germany around 1820

Height: 90 cm
Width: 116 cm
Depth: 51 cm
Item no.: 2480


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Early Biedermeier Chester


Cherry veneered, Munich around 1820/25,
particularly typical the upper drawer supported by free-standing, ebonized columns
with brass bases and capitals.

Such classically simple chests of drawers are highly sought after, especially in cherry wood.

Height: 86 cm
Width: 108 cm
Depth: 57 cm

(item no.: 2016)


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Biedermeier chest of drawers around 1820


Early Biedermeier chester, cherry veneered, Southern Germany, around 1820, ebonized thread inlay, very beautiful and warm shade.
Restored and hand-polished with shellac.
Height: 86 cm
Width: 115 cm
Depth: 55 cm
Item no.: 2479

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Chiffonier / Pier Chest Of Drawers

Chiffonniere / Pfeilerkommode bei Antik Stumpf 

Walnut veneered and solid, France around 1820/30, 7-light

in original condition, very nice proportion and color.

Height: 147 cm
Width: 99 cm
Depth: 47 cm

Item no.: 2017

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Exceptional baroque chest of drawers from around 1750/60


Extraordinarily splendidly designed Baroque chest of drawers, German around 1750/60.
Four-bay body on four pressed ball feet. Top panel, sides and front elaborately inlaid/ marquetry. The drawer fronts with multiple concave and convex curves with rich strapwork and original "crowned" fittings. Top with inlaid coat of arms probably of the "von Freyberg" family (Swabia). Softwood body inlaid with walnut & walnut root wood, fruitwood.
Rare in form and execution.

Dimensions approx:
Height: 90 cm
Width: 111 cm
Depth: 66 cm
Item no.: 2478

(There is also information about the noble family on Wikipedia)

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Decorative Louis Seize Chest Of Drawers walnut

Ornamental Louis Seize chest of drawers, walnut veneered, France around 1780/90, two-tier, thick veneer, original fittings and locks

Restored and hand polished with shellac!

Rare small size ..!

Height: 83 cm
Width: 84,5 cm
Depth: 48 cm

Item no.: 2469

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Baroque Chest Of Drawers Walnut veneered


Main-Franconia around 1750, very beautiful inlay work with strapwork, polished brass fittings, very harmoniously curved front,
restored and hand-polished with shellac.

Height: 82.5 cm
Width: 118 cm
Depth: 67 cm
Item no.: 2466

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Baroque walnut Chest Of Drawers (former castle furniture)


Walnut veneer, walnut burl, maple. On block feet, three-bay body with curved top. Frieze decoration with stylized cord staves.
Restored and shellac polished by hand!

Back: Label "Erbschaft Carlsruhe, No. 41".
Provenance: Formerly the property of the Duke of Württemberg/Carlsruhe Palace, Silesia

Height: 82 cm.
Width: 117 cm
Depth: 64 cm

Item no.: 2471

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Biedermeier Ensemble, walnut veneered

with fine black solder painting, South German (probably Munich) around 1825/30

Restored and hand-polished with shellac

Dimensions chest of drawers:
Height: 68.8 cm
Width: 113 cm
Depth: 56 cm
Mirror dimensions:
Height: 145 cm
Width: 77 cm

Item no.: 4002

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Louis Seize cherry Chester


Very nice cherrywood chest of drawers, Directoire 1780, probably from Vevey ( Canton Vaud Switzerland )
Old restoration with beautiful patina, good condition. Original locks, fittings and key.

Height: 79 cm
Width: 111 cm
Depth: 57 cm

Item no.: 2475

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Louis Seize Chest Of Drawers, around 1780, walnut, Hopfengärtner


Louis Seize chest of Drawers, walnut veneered, probably by Hopfengärtner, Switzerland around 1780, original fittings, fine inlay work, meander pattern, very beautiful mirrored veneer pattern, restored and shellac hand polished

Small chests of drawers in this format are rare...!

Christoph Hopfengärtner (Swiss cabinetmaker, 1758 - 1834 )

Height: 73 cm
Width: 77 cm
Depth: 46 cm

Item no.: 2472

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Biedermeier half cupboard, birch


Biedermeier half cupboard, birch veneered, Central Germany, around 1830

Segmental arch in the door, 1 drawer, light color and very nice format.

Height: 84.5 cm
Width: 66.5 cm
Depth: 40 cm

Item no.: 2473

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Biedermeier Chester around 1820


two-lobed, on high legs, walnut veneered, beautiful mirrored veneer picture, South Germany around 1820, still unrestored!

Height: 79 cm
Width: 103 cm
Depth: 52 cm
Item no.: 2476

Price on request

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Louis Seize - Wig Chester


Extremely small "wig" chest of drawers, Louis XVI around 1770, solid cherry wood.
Very finely inlaid with fillet strips, which are intricately carved in the corners of the top panel.
This very rare type of chest of drawers was used to safely store the expensive wigs worn during the day overnight. Hence the hinged lid, to which a mirror is attached on the inside.

Restored and shellac polished by hand!

Width: 58 cm
Depth: 48 cm
Height: 77 cm
Item no.: 7011


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Chester Hopfengärtner Louis Seize


Louis Seize chester, Hopfengärtner chest of drawers around 1780, cherry veneered, fine inlay work, original fittings and locks, restored and hand-polished with shellac.

Probably by Christoph Hopfengärtner, Swiss cabinetmaker ( Bern 1758 - 1834 )

Height: 75 cm
Width: 87 cm
Depth: 56 cm

Item no.: 2467